Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning

Austin was definitely more involved in Christmas Morning this year compared to last year. But I think next year he will be so much fun to watch on Christmas Morning. Grandma-ma and Papa spent the week with us including Christmas Eve so they would be here Christmas Morning. Austin didn't wake up until around 8am. When he finally woke up Brad and I went up stairs to get him out of bed, he was so happy. He went down stairs to see what Santa had left for him. Check out the photos below of our Christmas Morning activities.

Brad getting Austin out of bed Christmas Morning
All the fun stuff that Santa left for Austin this year.
Our Christmas Tree

Looks like Santa had fun with the Mega Blocks

Austin checking out all of his new toys

Showing Daddy his new Zibra

Austin wasn't sure which toy to play with first.

Papa opening some of his gifts
Brad opening his new coffee maker
Brad and I opening gifts

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