Monday, November 26, 2007

Austin's Arrival

We went into the hospital to be induced on October 17th, 2007 to have our first child Austin Bradley. We had a pretty uneventful night as the induction began. Then next morning my labor became more intense. They gave me some meds to help get me thru until my epideral. Well needless to say the drugs made me loopy! After requesting my epideral the dr. came in and gave me my first epi. yes my first. I proceded to have multiple epiderals and a spinal block~none of which completly took. I had what they called hot spots. For some reason I was feeling all my contractions in my left hip. After putting on a good show for Brad, my family and the drs. Austin was born at 1:13pm October 18th, 2007. He weighted 6lbs 12oz. And was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us. Below are some pictures from our eventful day.

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